Jessica & Chris Engagements

I had the pleasure of shooting Jessica & Chris at Rip Van Winkle Gardens as well as downtown Abbeville. Such a fantastic couple and I can't wait until their wedding. Blessings. Jason

Just a few film images for fun ;)

Rebecca & Quynh Dallas Engagements

I had a blast with these guys last week in the Dallas area. They we great to hang out with and I can't wait for their wedding. It was actually my first engagement session where I only shot my Leica M9 and it really freeing to have so little focus on the camera. Just a few of my favorites.

Blessings. Jason

l9999133.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

My good friend and assistant for the day, Keith Peeler. Not a bad job. Drink some wine. Eat some cheese. Hold a reflector :)l9999142.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9999205.jpg Leica M9 | 35mm Summicron

l9999226.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9999250.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9999328.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9999382.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9999405.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9999525.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9999625.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9999668.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

Candace & Jeremy New Orleans Engagments

I had an amazing time with Candace & Jeremy in New Orleans on their Engagements and I was so pumped when I found out that Candace chose to do it on her birthday! Such an honor for her to share her birthday with me (and my camera). Here are just a few of my favorites.

Blessings. Jason







Valerie & Tyler are Engaged!

I had the privileged of being a part of Valerie & Tyler's actual proposal this morning and I just wanted to share a few of the images. It was such an amazing experience (my hands were literally shaking before she walked in). Tyler proposed in Crowley, LA at the Crowley Opera House which is just a stunning place.

Congrats to Valerie & Tyler and I am sure that you will be seeing more of this couple soon!

Blessings. Jason

Probably one of my favorites... 86.jpg

Tyler waiting for her to walk in 13.jpg



Natalie, Val's twin sister helped plan everything and was hiding out watching the whole thing 31.jpg




Carolyn & Chris - Brooklyn Engagements

I had the chance this last week to shoot Carolyn & Chris for their engagements in Brooklyn. We had such a beautiful day to shoot and got some fantastic images. Here are a few of my favorites and thanks to Ben Spell for helping me out with the shoot. Blessings. Jason

Sorry for the lack of logo... I am blogging from out of town.... Back in the office this week :)_ls_3652.jpg



Close to where they met in in Prospect Park..._ls_3915.jpg










Lynn & Dave Engagements!

We had a chance to shoot some around the French Quarter a couple days before their wedding. It was really the perfect day to be shooting, not too hot, not too cold, and beautiful sun! Here are just a couple of my favorites. I should have some from their wedding in the next couple days so make sure to check back. Blessings. Jason