End of the year... Some personal images

I am just wanted to have one more post before the end of the year and share some personal work. I had a chance to sit down and go through some personal work, both in terms of not being financially rewarding and photographs of people who are close to me. In the later part of the year I realized how much through the hustle and bustle I have neglected to get behind the camera for pure pleasure. It literally broke my heart to think so much of the year had passed while my camera stayed in the bag I carried daily. I even ended up selling the very camera that I used to carry every day (don't worry I still have a couple ;).

I am not really big on "new year resolutions" but I do have one. Shoot more. Plain and simple. I hope that you see a camera in my hand just as much as you see me behind a computer. I hope that you see me capturing moments as much as you see me talking about or drinking coffee. And most of all I hope that you ask me about it and help me to get behind the camera more.

I am headed out of the door to New Orleans for the next couple days. One camera, one lens, and a bunch of film. Hopefully I can make up for all the shooting I neglected to do this year.

I didn't include the camera or lens information because I thought I would let the images speak for themselves this time around.

I hope you enjoy these.

Blessings. Jason