Goodbye Ooti

Tomorrow I leave for Austin to help Ooti move. A chapter is finished for me as a new one starts for him. For the last year I have been fortunate enough to have another great friend, and assistant, be with me on almost all of my shoots. I know that part of the cycle of being in this business is seeing people go on to do greater things. I count myself lucky to have had so many great assistants and be able to see where life takes them after working with me. Ooti is no exception on this. I have been able to see his business grow throughout the last year and a half while working with me, as well as him develop even further as a photographer. He is no longer my assistant. He is my fellow photographer.

Even though I will miss him deeply, I can't wait to see the things that are to come for him in Austin. He is a dreamer. I know that big things are ahead for him. Make sure to keep you eye out.

If Ooti has been with you on your wedding, engagement, commercial shoot, or maybe you are just a friend, I would love for you to leave a comment below for him. I thought it may be a good place for people to be able to say bye who may not otherwise be able to.

Also make sure to stay up to date with what he has going on at his website

We will miss you buddy.

Blessings. Jason


The two faces of Ooti....