I rarely post much that does not have something do directly with myself just because I honestly rarely have the time to do much "leisure" surfing on the internet and spending most of my days being as "productive" for every minute of the day that I can be. I came across this video while jumping around couple sites and it is not often that I find myself literally mesmerized by what is on my computer and unable to even look away at anything else in the room.

This was one of those rare times. By the time the video was over I really was just sitting with my mouth open (probably had been this way for a couple minutes). I was so amazed at the level of work and creativity that went into everything that I couldn't help but share. The attention to detail and strength of compositions is just nothing short of incredible.

Take a couple minutes out of your day, no matter what you are doing and make sure to watch it in full screen :) I hope that it inspires you as it did for me.

Blessings. Jason