Life is like a blur....

The last week has seemed like almost a blur to me, but I wanted to just put up a couple images from my life in the last week or so. Tomorrow should start off with a cup of coffee from my favorite place, so hopefully I will get a little bit of a moment to sit down :) Blessings. Jason

Jen opened up the blinds today and I was inspired by the wash of light coming in to pick up my camera..


This is what I call babysitting (just so you know Norah is the calmest dog in the world and never knew that Lydia was on her)


A shot of Jory from our big Cohen Breakfast Extravaganza


Ben & Andrea Fontenot



Kevin & Renee (in from Missouri) eating at one of my favorite places, The Italian Food Market


ย Random lady in the airport before leaving Dallas


Daisy sporting my WPPI tags