M8 shots of the week - Ernest Babineaux

This week I had the opportunity to spend some time with my good friend Ben Spell, who was in from photography school in Massachusetts, shooting some for Parish to Parish and other personal work. On our way out to Parks, LA we passed by a house that caught my eye and I knew that we had to stop in. Mr. Babineaux gladly allowed us to photograph him and his house and shared a bit of his life with us in the process. Right now I am entering the craziest time for me in the year and it was so refreshing to slow down, take out my camera, and spend some time with a stranger. I need to do that more often. Below are just a couple images that were my favorites.

Blessings. Jason

l1013676.jpg Leica M8 | 35mm Summilux

l1013678.jpg Leica M8 | 35mm Summilux

l1013671.jpg Leica M8 | 35mm Summilux

l1013664.jpg Leica M8 | 15mm CV

l1013659.jpg Leica M8 | 15mm CV

l1013665.jpg Leica M8 | 15mm CV

l1013673.jpg Leica M8 | 35mm Summilux

l1013668.jpg Leica M8 | 35mm Summilux