Portland, OR

Jen and I had the chance to get out of town for a little vacation and will be driving down the west coast for the next couple of days... I hope to post every day or so and will be back in next Friday. I hope that everyone has a great weekend! Happy 4th of July!

Blessings. Jason

A view from the rose gardens...l1019566.jpg Leica M8 | 15mm CV

l1019541.jpg Leica M8 | 24mm Summilux

You can use your imagination on this one :)l1019567.jpg Leica M8 | 15mm CV

Exactly what is says... a window where you can order wafflesl1019603.jpg Leica M8 | 24mm Summilux

l1019605.jpg Leica M8 | 24mm Summilux

A coffee tasting at Stumptown Coffee Roasters l1019599.jpg Leica M8 | 24 Summilux

l1019593.jpg Leica M8 |90mm 2.8

This shot pretty much sums up Portland :)l1019609.jpg Leica M8 | 24mm Summilux