Random m8 shots of the week - New Orleans

I was down in New Orleans this weekend for the weekend and had the chance to shoot a bit of personal work while I was down there. The first image is of someone who Ben & I met at a coffee shop in the quarter. We probably sat and talked to him for over an hour about his life, his tattoos, Vietnam, and how agent orange had taken his leg. It was amazing to hear his story and his outlook on life. One thing that stuck with me was how he dealt with everything in loosing his leg. He said that he could not understand why people wait to really enjoy ever day until they had some sort of serious illness or major life altering event. For him loosing his leg just made him appreciate his life more. The first shot is one of Billy. Blessings. Jason

l1006632.jpg Leica M8 |  28mm 1.9 CV

l1006618.jpg Leica M8 |  28mm 1.9 CV

l1006607.jpg Leica M8 |  28mm 1.9 CV

l1006671.jpg Leica M8 |  Canon 50mm .95

l1006741.jpg Leica M8 |  Canon 50mm .95

l1006695.jpg Leica M8 |  Canon 50mm .95

l1006702.jpg Leica M8 |  Canon 50mm .95

l1006716.jpg Leica M8 |  Canon 50mm .95

l1006731.jpg Leica M8 |  Canon 50mm .95