So I guess there is this new thing going around and you can be "tagged" and you have to blog 8 facts about yourself. Well ....... my friend Kelly Moore tagged me, so here are 8 facts you might just not know about me.....

Numero Uno... I had my wife's engagement ring for 2 years before I gave it to her :)
Numero Dos... My favorite place in the universe to get coffee is Highland Coffees in Baton Rouge (sometimes Jen and I will drive to Baton Rouge just for coffee)
Numero Tres... My parents met on an airplane
Numero Cuatro... My favorite Indian Dish is Chicken Tikka Masalaร‚ย 
Numero Cinco... I am helping in the beginning stage of a new website/blog with my good friend Ben Spell - http://www.coffeeshopsnobs.com
Numero Seis... I lived in Hawaii for 3 months and never got into the water
Numero Siete... I have never taken a class in photography
Numero Ocho... I can only speak broken spanish :)