Wedding with Mark & m8

I always love opportunities where I can "stretch" myself a bit and this past weekend my good friend Mark Eric let me tag along on a wedding and I only shot with my m8. I had a great time with mark and I just wanted to share a couple. This was my first time shooting anything with my new 15mm for the Leica and the funnest part is that it is virtually a guess.... There is no way to focus it (other than guessing the distance in feet) so I ended up shooting with it literally on my hip most of the day! Congrats to Tammy & Jeremy! Blessings. Jason

l1002984.jpg Leica M8 | Leica 50mm Noctilux

l1003024.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1003021.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1003038.jpg Leica M8 | Leica 50mm Noctilux

l1003124.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1003139.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1003008.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1003235.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1003268.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1003252.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

I think the father of the bride saw me walking around all day like this and decided he was going to take a "hip shot" of me :)

l1003386.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1003447.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm