Portraits of random people I will probably never see again

The title pretty much says it all... It has been a while since I have had the chance to just put up some personal street shooting work and I just wanted to share a few. I haven't actually been shooting much personal work and after looking through some old work it makes me want to get out and shoot some more... I love how I didn't know any of these people outside the 2-3 minutes of shooting them, but looking back at their faces makes me want to know more about their story. I will include what I know about each person and where I shot it.

Maybe some personal work is in my near future.

Blessings. Jason

Random man on the street in Ruston, LA - Didn't even get a chance to get his name

Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

Friendly stranger in Breaux Bridge, LA - Talked to us for about 30 minutes about the work of God in his life

Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

Mother and Daughter on their doorstep in New Orleans, LA

Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

Couple listening to music in Gruene, TX  listening to music at a dance hall - This place was so surreal. It was like taking a step onto a movie set.

Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

Retired man fishing in Cameron, LA.

Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

Europe Pre-Print Sale

I have the privilege of traveling to Italy at the beginning of next month to shoot a wedding with my good friend Riccis Valladares. I am super excited about the wedding and that I will be spending the rest of the month traveling and shooting around Europe. I can't wait for the creative break after the busy wedding season and for the re-charge to come back into the rest of the year. One of the most exciting aspects of the trip is for me to have the ability to shoot a ton of personal work. This is really the first time for me in a while where I can shoot exclusively for myself. So on to the good stuff.... I will be offering fine art prints from my trip after I return, however I am also offering a "pre-print sale" so that you can still purchase prints, just at a lower price. After I return you will have a gallery of images to choose from to print in the size that you purchase in the pre-print sale. I am also including a couple prints that I have already shot while traveling that are options to print (in the case that you would prefer one of these). You will find those options below.

All images will be printed on archival paper and will be signed. They will be delivered by August 31st. All ordering/payment must be completed by June 25th, all orders after then will be at my standard fine art printing price (double the pre-print sale price).

Pricing & sample images are below, and please email me directly through my "contact" page on my website if you would like to order prints. There is a break in the price if you decide to order 2 of the same size (this only applies if both prints are the same size).

Individual 8x10 Print - $50 | (2) 8x10 Prints - $80 Individual 11x14 Print - $100 | (2) 11x14 Prints - $150 Individual 16x20 Print - $175  | (2) 16x20 Prints - $300

Blessings. Jason

These next two are examples of what the finished prints will look like




The following images are ones that I am offering in addition to what I will offer from my trip


Outside of Oslo in Norwayl1004785cropblog.jpg

New York Cityl1002970bwblog.jpg

Redwoods in Northern Californial1019741blog.jpg

Coast in Northern Californial1019672blog.jpg

Subway station in New York Cityl1002987blog.jpg

Pond in Central Californial1019795blog.jpg

2 Day Creative shoot with Southern Fete

I had the chance to do some creative shooting with some good friends last week. Basically I set up 4 assignments for us all to have for 2 full days of shooting and to end each day with several hour intensive late night critiques from what we shot during the day (our early night was 1am :). We went into the first day not knowing which assignments we would have and the one that I happened to pick out of the jar was Valerie of Southern Fete. I had an absolute blast following her around and she was so great to let me tag along with her. We went from florists, to cake vendors, to shoe stores (everyone in Lafayette I believe), and everywhere in between. It was extremely eye opening seeing the day through a wedding vendor whose day looks so different than mine. Valerie is also planning her wedding so it was interesting to see how she blends what she does as a wedding planner with the process of planning her own wedding. The approach for shooting it was 80% documentary and 20% portrait.

The whole purpose was to have a time for creative growth (as well as get some constructive criticism) without going somewhere else to attend a workshop. I don't have anything against workshops, I just think that sometimes that we put too much emphasis on "going to" a workshop when really everything you need is right in front of you. Not to say that what you would learn at a workshop were the same things that we learned, or even of the same quality, but what I was looking for did happen.

I really tried to think to myself what everyone is looking for who attends a workshop. Really what is it that I am looking for when I have a desire to go to a workshop? It is very simple. GROWTH. Growth from where we were yesterday. Growth to photograph someone who we wouldn't normally photograph, or in a way that we wouldn't normally photograph. Growth that pushes me outside of my comfort zone and makes me really think before each time I fire a frame off.

Thanks so much to Val for letting me intrude on her life for two days as well as everyone else who participated in our creative shoot ( Jamie Orillion, Ooti Billeaud, & Dan Sutton).

I hope that it is something that I can do again sometime.

Just a few of my favorites from the two days...

Blessings. Jason

l1000982.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1000224.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1000790.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1000301.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9999765.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9999840.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1000240.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9999733.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1000947.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1000713.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1000741.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1000941.jpg Leica M9 | 35mm Summicron

Rebecca & Quynh Dallas Engagements

I had a blast with these guys last week in the Dallas area. They we great to hang out with and I can't wait for their wedding. It was actually my first engagement session where I only shot my Leica M9 and it really freeing to have so little focus on the camera. Just a few of my favorites.

Blessings. Jason

l9999133.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

My good friend and assistant for the day, Keith Peeler. Not a bad job. Drink some wine. Eat some cheese. Hold a reflector :)l9999142.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9999205.jpg Leica M9 | 35mm Summicron

l9999226.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9999250.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9999328.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9999382.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9999405.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9999525.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9999625.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9999668.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows

I had the chance to collaborate a couple weeks ago with my good friends Jamie Orillion & Daniel Kedinger of Crucé Design to photograph the Sisters of Charity in Shreveport, LA. It was an amazing two days of shooting and I was so thankful for them to open up their doors and lives to us.  They commited to working with others through education, caring for the sick, the aging, and the poor. It was an honor to be able to spend some time with them and to spend a few days in a place that was so far outside of what my normal life is like. Truly refreshing.

Blessings. Jason

l9998283.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9998309.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9998324.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l9998643.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9998602.jpg Leica M9 | 35mm Summicron

l9998368.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9998191.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9998408.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9998174.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9998375.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9998399.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9998418.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9998679.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l9998136.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

Random M9 Shots.... Abbeville locals

I had the chance to take off the afternoon this past week and shoot a little in Abbeville, LA. Everyone was extremely friendly and we had a blast... From a biker with a record shop, some local wrestlers, and just an 92 year old nice man. Such a diverse group of characters. Here are a few... Blessings. Jason

l9996904blog.jpg Leica M9| 24mm Summilux

l9996910blog.jpg Leica M9| 24mm Summilux

l9996922blog.jpg Leica M9| 24mm Summilux

l9996936.jpg Leica M9| 24mm Summilux

Norway Wedding...

Hilde & Harald had a beautiful wedding just north of Oslo, Norway. I shot the entire wedding with just my Leica, so I thought it would be interesting to post the entire wedding in b&w (other than the first time).

Thanks so much to Riccis Valladares for having me, and the couple and their family for being so welcoming to us. It was an amazing trip.

Blessings. Jason

l1004770.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

Beginning of the 10mi cross country ski to the wedding...l1004729.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

After skiing 10mi l1004829.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1004805.jpg Leica M9 | 35mm Summicron

l1004964.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm .95 Noctilux

l1004891.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm .95 Noctilux

l1004958.jpg Leica M9 | 90mm Summicron

l1004862.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1005048.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1005122.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1005138.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

The bride & grooms son...l1005182.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1005199.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1005205.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1005211.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1005218.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1005305.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1005460.jpg Leica M9 | 90mm Summicron

Beautiful speech (even though I didn't understand :)l1005497.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1005515.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1005576.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm .95 Noctilux

l1005631.jpg Leica M9 | 90mm Summicron

l1005815.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1006280.jpg Leica M9 | 21mm Summilux

l1006231.jpg Leica M9 | 21mm Summilux

l1006256.jpg Leica M9 | 21mm Summilux

l1006241.jpg Leica M9 | 21mm Summilux

l1006038.jpg Leica M9 | 21mm Summilux

l1006084.jpg Leica M9 | 21mm Summilux

l1006226.jpg Leica M9 | 21mm Summilux

l1006244.jpg Leica M9 | 21mm Summilux

Day 30 - Creative Shoot

I had the opportunity to schedule a shoot while my good friend Ben Spell was in over the Christmas break. I had been wanting to do something like this for a while, and everything ended up falling into place for this one... Our real hope was just to take the time to set up things and not rush from one shot to the other... Special thanks to Keri & Tory for coming out and modeling for us. Here are just a few of my favorites. Blessings. Jason

l1003094.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1003191.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1003055.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1003189.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1003213.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1003363.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

Day 28 - Scott

My good friend, and fellow photographer, Scott Simon came in from New Orleans to hang out with me for the day and it really was great being able to spend the time with him. He keeps up a great blog iHeartnola which gives some great insight into New Orleans food, music, culture, and more. If you are looking for good local insider info for New Orleans it is a great website to check out.... As Scott was about to leave for the day I realized how important, and at times lost, the portrait is. Scott was generous enough to sit for me for a portrait and here are 3 frames from that.... I shot a couple with the Hasselblad, but those have to come after I process the film :)

Blessings. Jason

l1004259.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1004282.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1004283.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

Day 21 - Snow + Sled = Fun

One of the biggest things that Jen (my wife) was looking forward to more than anything was sledding. It was so cold that after I got off a couple shots I ran into the van and turned up the heat :) I guess I am just really not made for the cold... Blessings. Jason

l1002945.jpg Leica M9 | 24 Summilux

l1002954.jpg Leica M9 | 24 Summilux

l1002989.jpg Leica M9 | 24 Summilux

l1002990.jpg Leica M9 | 24 Summilux

l1002968.jpg Leica M9 | 24 Summilux

l1003021.jpg Leica M9 | 24 Summilux

l1003028.jpg Leica M9 | 24 Summilux