24mm Summilux

Random M9 Shots.... Abbeville locals

I had the chance to take off the afternoon this past week and shoot a little in Abbeville, LA. Everyone was extremely friendly and we had a blast... From a biker with a record shop, some local wrestlers, and just an 92 year old nice man. Such a diverse group of characters. Here are a few... Blessings. Jason

l9996904blog.jpg Leica M9| 24mm Summilux

l9996910blog.jpg Leica M9| 24mm Summilux

l9996922blog.jpg Leica M9| 24mm Summilux

l9996936.jpg Leica M9| 24mm Summilux

Norway Wedding...

Hilde & Harald had a beautiful wedding just north of Oslo, Norway. I shot the entire wedding with just my Leica, so I thought it would be interesting to post the entire wedding in b&w (other than the first time).

Thanks so much to Riccis Valladares for having me, and the couple and their family for being so welcoming to us. It was an amazing trip.

Blessings. Jason

l1004770.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

Beginning of the 10mi cross country ski to the wedding...l1004729.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

After skiing 10mi l1004829.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1004805.jpg Leica M9 | 35mm Summicron

l1004964.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm .95 Noctilux

l1004891.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm .95 Noctilux

l1004958.jpg Leica M9 | 90mm Summicron

l1004862.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1005048.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1005122.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1005138.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

The bride & grooms son...l1005182.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1005199.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1005205.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1005211.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1005218.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1005305.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1005460.jpg Leica M9 | 90mm Summicron

Beautiful speech (even though I didn't understand :)l1005497.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1005515.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1005576.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm .95 Noctilux

l1005631.jpg Leica M9 | 90mm Summicron

l1005815.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1006280.jpg Leica M9 | 21mm Summilux

l1006231.jpg Leica M9 | 21mm Summilux

l1006256.jpg Leica M9 | 21mm Summilux

l1006241.jpg Leica M9 | 21mm Summilux

l1006038.jpg Leica M9 | 21mm Summilux

l1006084.jpg Leica M9 | 21mm Summilux

l1006226.jpg Leica M9 | 21mm Summilux

l1006244.jpg Leica M9 | 21mm Summilux

Day 31 - Childhood Friend

Growing up it was always a dream to have a Great Dane. I remember like it was yesterday driving on that rainy day right before my 13th birthday to pick up my dog. As a 13 year old life could not have been any better...I decided to name the dog after my favorite super hero, spiderman. I was a bit of non-conformist so I decided to name him Spyder. This past May, Spyder had to be put down at the ripe old age of 13 years due to old age (which is well over the average life span of one). Right before my dad went to have him put down I went over to shoot a couple images. It was among the hardest things that I have ever had to shoot and I cried like I seldom do. To photograph someone just hours before the time at which they will be no more.

Looking back I am reminded of the purpose that I have as a photographer. To capture life through the  good and the bad. That life is not just full of joy and laughter, but also through sorrow and tears.

Over the last 31 days I had a goal to simply shoot and share more of life. I just want to say thanks for allowing me to  take this month to share more than just my professional work. Thanks for the encouragement that I have received from so many people and I look forward to sharing more in the future.

This month has encouraged me to get more into the story that is constantly around me. I hope that this encourages  you as well, whether or not you are a photographer, to seek out to capture the stories that we have the privelidge to live in every day.

Blessings. Jason

l1017510.jpg Leica M8 | 24mm Summilux






Day 30 - Creative Shoot

I had the opportunity to schedule a shoot while my good friend Ben Spell was in over the Christmas break. I had been wanting to do something like this for a while, and everything ended up falling into place for this one... Our real hope was just to take the time to set up things and not rush from one shot to the other... Special thanks to Keri & Tory for coming out and modeling for us. Here are just a few of my favorites. Blessings. Jason

l1003094.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1003191.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1003055.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1003189.jpg Leica M9 | 24mm Summilux

l1003213.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

l1003363.jpg Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux

Day 29 - Orchid

This is a sight that I walk by almost every day in my office but when I walked in earlier this week the sight of the light pouring in and the contrast of the deep red on the wall spoke to me.... Makes me wonder what images that I pass everyday with familiarity... Blessings. Jason

l1013113.jpg Leica M8 | 24mm Summilux

Day 21 - Snow + Sled = Fun

One of the biggest things that Jen (my wife) was looking forward to more than anything was sledding. It was so cold that after I got off a couple shots I ran into the van and turned up the heat :) I guess I am just really not made for the cold... Blessings. Jason

l1002945.jpg Leica M9 | 24 Summilux

l1002954.jpg Leica M9 | 24 Summilux

l1002989.jpg Leica M9 | 24 Summilux

l1002990.jpg Leica M9 | 24 Summilux

l1002968.jpg Leica M9 | 24 Summilux

l1003021.jpg Leica M9 | 24 Summilux

l1003028.jpg Leica M9 | 24 Summilux