Come by the office today (Wednesday)!

So the last couple of days at the office have really been crazy. Jamie had a shoot for The Color Bar, which consisted of 15 of their hair stylists in the office and I had a shoot for a real estate client today. Needless to say, things have been almost a blur with lots of flashes going off and lots of people coming in and out (I promise there is a point in all of this). So I was talking to Jamie today and saying how it would be fun since we have all of the lighting setup to get random people to take a really quick shot.... So here is your chance.....

Tomorrow (Wednesday February 20th) I, Jamie, or Ben will be in the office shooting from 7:30-3 (I have a bridal then or else I would leave it open until 5). I would love for you to come by and take a quick headshot, body shot, or whatever you would like shot :) Feel free to call me at the office at 337.234.0910 or send me an email through the contact page, just I know that you are coming. The address to the office can be found no my contact page and feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Just a quick note... Anyone is more than welcome to come by. You can be a customer, friend of a past bride, photographer, or just someone who stumbled across my blog. This is merely a chance to have fun and for me to experiment a little bit with shooting something that was not completely planned. I know this seems somewhat random, but if you know me you shouldn't be too surprised :) I will ask that everyone signs a model release, just so I can post them on my blog.

Thanks in advance, and I hope that you come by tomorrow, or at least tell someone to come by!

Blessings. Jason

So here is a couple shots of me... I got some good news today... which I will will post about later, but to make a long story short I photographed an annual report that won an international award in this months "How" magazine. More to come soon....





ร‚ย Cory






Daniel... and its only 10:22... You should see him at 5 :)


UPDATE.... Here is the first shot of Ben from this morning... More to come soon...