"How" Magazine - We won!

So I got a phone call on Thursday morning with Genevieve (the creative director for Blue Cross and good friend) with her screaming violenetly to me on the phone "Oh my Gosh!" After finally getting her to calm down he informed me that "How" Magazine had chosen the annual report that we made (she designed & I photographed) as one of 12 picked in for an award in their annual international contest! My first reaction was that maybe she saw the wrong name, but luckily we had just gotten our issue in at the office. This was actually a goal for Gen (congratulations) and was a total honor for me to be a part of. It was such an awesome project and such a blessing to be be involved. We had a blast on Thursday night in Baton Rouge celebrating, and it was great to see Gen on cloud nine. You can pick up a copy at your local Barnes & Noble and here are a couple shots of the magazine. Blessings. Jason


I had everyone sign it who was involved in the project...


I had to double check for my name


 Max celebrating with us