The end of an era... 2504 Creative - The last party (and sale)

Even as I am sitting here writing this I can hardly believe it. Just under 3 years ago I was fortunate to start sharing an office with two great friends and businesses that I respect & admire greatly. The last three years have been an amazing season with friends, clients that have become friends, community, and business. Now it is time for a new season. The three of us are all headed in different directions with business and life. I couldn't be more excited for everyone (and myself). Life will never be the same because of the last 3 years and for that I am eternally grateful.

Insert party (and sale).

We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the last 3 years we have had together other than to throw a PARTY.

So here is where you come in... Next Friday, April 6th (yes Good Friday) we will be having our last party as 2504 Creative. A way to say thanks for everything that everyone has done for us over the last 3 years, have some coffee, share some laughs, and celebrate the community that we have had here. It will be from 6-8p and we will be having coffee/snacks. I hope that you can join us. I am including the invite below...

Also we are selling a bit of the items that we have acquired over the last few years (desks, chairs, sofas, bookshelves, computers, espresso machines, grinders, office decor, wedding decor, office supplies) and we created a fun little video showing some of the things that we will be selling. I am including a list of what I am selling below and I hope that you enjoy the video...

Big thanks to my good friend Jamie Orillion for shooting the video for us!

Blessings. Jason



FURNITURE FOR SALE - brown barcelona chair - $150 (SOLD) - black barcelona chair - $325 - long brown ikea office desk - $90 (SOLD) - short brown ikea office desk - $70 - rectangular bathroom mirror - $20

- 3 tier side desk/shelving - $150 - (2) large wire storage shelves - $60 each (SOLD) - microwave size wire storage shelf - $30 - long skinny wire storage shelf - $25 - small black ikea office desk - $40 (SOLD) - full length mirror - $100 (SOLD) - white large ikea desk - $90 - white small ikea desk - $70 - side storage table - $30 - small side table (seen in front of office) - $10 - metal worktable - $70 - tv stand - $300 - prints in hallway, office, & bathroom - $150 (for prints in hallway & bathroom) - (2) silver ikea magazine racks - $10 each

COMPUTERS FOR SALE - MacBook Pro - 2.6/500GB/4GB - $575 (SOLD) - MacBook Pro - 2.5/320GB/4GB - $475 (SOLD) - Mac Mini - 1.66/60GB/2GB - $200 - (SOLD) - HP 30in Monitor - $600 - Wacom Intous 3 6x8 - $175 - Bose Companion 3 - $120 - Bose Companion 2 - $50