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Europe Pre-Print Sale

I have the privilege of traveling to Italy at the beginning of next month to shoot a wedding with my good friend Riccis Valladares. I am super excited about the wedding and that I will be spending the rest of the month traveling and shooting around Europe. I can't wait for the creative break after the busy wedding season and for the re-charge to come back into the rest of the year. One of the most exciting aspects of the trip is for me to have the ability to shoot a ton of personal work. This is really the first time for me in a while where I can shoot exclusively for myself. So on to the good stuff.... I will be offering fine art prints from my trip after I return, however I am also offering a "pre-print sale" so that you can still purchase prints, just at a lower price. After I return you will have a gallery of images to choose from to print in the size that you purchase in the pre-print sale. I am also including a couple prints that I have already shot while traveling that are options to print (in the case that you would prefer one of these). You will find those options below.

All images will be printed on archival paper and will be signed. They will be delivered by August 31st. All ordering/payment must be completed by June 25th, all orders after then will be at my standard fine art printing price (double the pre-print sale price).

Pricing & sample images are below, and please email me directly through my "contact" page on my website if you would like to order prints. There is a break in the price if you decide to order 2 of the same size (this only applies if both prints are the same size).

Individual 8x10 Print - $50 | (2) 8x10 Prints - $80 Individual 11x14 Print - $100 | (2) 11x14 Prints - $150 Individual 16x20 Print - $175  | (2) 16x20 Prints - $300

Blessings. Jason

These next two are examples of what the finished prints will look like




The following images are ones that I am offering in addition to what I will offer from my trip


Outside of Oslo in Norwayl1004785cropblog.jpg

New York Cityl1002970bwblog.jpg

Redwoods in Northern Californial1019741blog.jpg

Coast in Northern Californial1019672blog.jpg

Subway station in New York Cityl1002987blog.jpg

Pond in Central Californial1019795blog.jpg

NYC - 2nd Set

Some more from New York City...

l1002248.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1002250.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1002251.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1002253.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1002368.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1002377-2.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1002297.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1002310.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1002315.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1002335.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1002336.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1002348.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

l1002246.jpg Leica M8 | CV 15mm

Massachusetts day 2

It was so great today to get behind the camera a bit today just for fun and walk around. It was so refreshing to be be able to have a little time with really no agenda other than to shoot. Here are a couple from today and I am looking forward to the workshop in Boston tomorrow. Blessings. Jason

l1000392.jpg Leica M8 | 15mm CV

l1000391.jpg Leica M8 | 50mm 1.0 Leica

l1000405.jpg Leica M8 | 15mm CV

l1000432.jpg Leica M8 | 15mm CV

l1000440.jpg Leica M8 | 15mm CV

l1000445.jpg Leica M8 | 15mm CV

l1000450.jpg Leica M8 | 15mm CV

l1000461.jpg Leica M8 | 15mm CV

l1000441.jpg Leica M8 | 15mm CV

Random m8 shots of the week - clouds

I was going to wait until Friday to put up this image (as I usually do with my m8 shot), but I have two weddings this weekend and I wanted to put it up before... This shot pretty much sums up my day today and I thought I would go ahead and share. Blessings. Jason

l1002408_1.jpg Leica M8 | Leica 50mm Noctilux

Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day! I am not completely Earth Day savy, but Ben reccomended that I put up a post in celebration... You can find out more at this site.  Also here are a couple from on the road this weekend while traveling back from the wedding. Go take a walk and enjoy the earth today! Blessings. Jason




A day out of town...

I had a wedding out of town today and tried to shoot a bit while out and about. I have been really trying to keep my m8 with me at all times, and it was a good thing that I had it today! I also had brunch with James & Monica today to celebrate his birthday (a couple days late). I hope that everyone has a great weekend! Blessings. Jason

Ben while we were waiting for James & Monica


Monica & the birthday boy.... I promise I picked the best one...


A little coffee for inspiration... Anyone who knows me know that I can't do much without coffee


A great little place for dinner off of Perkins called "Pinetta's"


On the way home...




Parish to Parish is Live!

So first off let me say that I am really excited about this post... You might seen a couple "fine art" images that I posted a while back from a trip that Ben & I took just photographing for fun. Well... this has turned into a full blown project called "Parish to Parish." The whole idea behind the project is to artistically portray every parish in the state of Louisiana. Below is a screen shot of the website which you can visit at Prints are available for sale through the site and our first showing will actually begin tomorrow (Sunday, March 8th) at CC's coffeehouse on Kaliste Saloom Rd.

Please check by the site often for our latest work and let us know what you think.

Blessings. Jason



So one of my passions that I don't get to do very often is go backpacking and I had the opportunity this past weekend to join a couple friends and get out of town for a couple days. I can't remember the last time I took some time off and it was so nice to relax. The last morning we were there it actually got down to 23 degrees. Thank God for a good sleeping bag! Here are just a couple from the trip! Blessings. Jason

These first couple shots were actually all reflection shots... The water in the creek was so still





For some reason I really love this shot... It was actually Kyle's first time camping which is always fun.



This last shot is probably my favorite from the weekend... I love how the warm glow of the sun comes off of the ridgeline..


Random Images from Today....

So I actually took today off and went on a little photo excursion with Ben down South and just thought I might share a couple images. Enjoy.

This one was by far my favorite image of the day. I passed up this guy and his horse and quickly whipped around. I asked him if he minded us taking a couple photos of him and he was totally cool about it. I think he said his horse's name was Zenon.


The sky was so perfect today with all of the dark clouds and the overcast sky... The harbor at Delcambre...


This guy was totally cool.



Ben had this idea to run after the birds in this shot and get a cool shot of all of the birds. As you can tell we didn't very close to the birds before they flew away.


Leica M8!

So I had a little toy (Leica M8 + 50mm Summicron f2) come in the mail yesterday and I figured that I would post a couple photos from the new camera. So far I am really digging the camera and looking forward to shooting with it in the future. Here are just a couple. Blessings.


American Photo!!

So I received a copy of American Photo yesterday and it just happened to have one of my images in it under the Images of the Year Competition. I actually didn't know that I was going to be one of the finalist in the magazine and I was extremely surprised when I got it in yesterday. If you get a chance pick up a copy of the magazine at your local bookstore! Blessings.




Festival Acadian

A while back I went with a friend (Ben Spell) to hang out and photograph a bit at Festival Acadian. This is an annual festival in Lafayette that is a blast and I finally got around to posting some images. Most of them are of this one guy who was really dancing it up. And yes, he is actually doing a flip in one of the photos (the whole time while dancing)! Blessings.


Clay Pots - and thoughts that have nothing to do with them

I was at a wedding this weekend talking with someone and they asked me, "tell me about a bridezilla that you have had." I immediately started going through my memory to see if I could remember any in particular, and quickly realized that I have had none.

I realized in that moment how fortunate I have been to have such awesome brides that have chosen to have me on their wedding day. I just wanted to write a little post to say thanks to all of my brides who have chosen me and allow me to continue to do what I love.